Physical Education Teachers

The program, designed for Physical Education teachers, includes a 30 hour course for teachers (of diverse backgrounds) and encounter activity for the students (held throughout the year). The teachers’ course deals with aspects of learning about the ‘other’, fear of the unfamiliar that is often a result of stereotypes and prejudices. The focus is on analyzing events and situations from real life examples and empowering the teachers through experiential learning. Teachers participating in the course work collaboratively to create a curriculum for use in the classroom and build an atmosphere of inclusion, humanity, acceptance, and admiration of diversity and the beauty in differences for their students.

The encounter element of the program is the culmination (see chart below of a northern encounter) of the yearlong physical education curriculum, based on Merchavim’s diversity training, and takes place at a shared sports day event in which the participants are from different schools and completive teams (mixed) are formed with members from the participating schools. This event gives students an opportunity to meet their peers and to put into action the respect for diversity practiced in their year-long curriculum.