Knowing the other,
respecting our differences,
creating more just organizations, communities and society.

Merchavim is an non-profit which has been working since 1998 to advance diversity, equality and inclusion in Israel, in the school system and private and public organizations.



Integration of teachers with an Ethiopian background
Integration of teachers from the Ethiopian community


Integration of teachers with disabilities
Integration of teachers with disabilities


Arab Teacher Integration
Integration of Arab teachers in Jewish schools


Teacher training program
Diversity Training for Educators


The Social Cohesion Leadership Program
Leading organizations work to strengthen the cohesion of Israeli society


Shared Paths
Shared Paths program for social tourism in Arab localities


The Shared Society Incubator​
A joint program of Merchavim and The Israeli Council for Youth Organizations


“The program supported me and helped me to enter the field of teaching in a full-time position. Now it’s my turn to prove myself.”

Ishalm Tasu Ababa

You helped us put a spotlight on the dilemmas that need to be addressed, to formulate solutions together, and to learn how to derive benefits from diversity. 

Shlomit Meyers
VP of human resources, Golan Plastic

“For me the program was an opportunity to hear a variety of different voices from Israeli society, and to create a common voice that should be heard.”

Alias Mahari
The municipality of Netanya

“The education system removes stereotypes and works to bring a diverse teaching staff. I have no doubt that Israeli society will be in a better place, educationally, ethically and otherwise, the more we see teachers with disabilities in classrooms – as educators and role models. We at the Ministry of Education provide teachers in the program with individual support, technologies and other tools to help their integration. We intent to continue to increase the number of teachers with disabilities and open our doors to everyone who can educate and advance Israel’s students”

Shmuel Abuav
CEO, Israel Ministry of Education


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