Planting Seeds of Social Cohesion

In the exhilarating tenth cohort of the Social Cohesion Leadership program, we’re witnessing a thrilling new chapter unfold in the quest for social change. This cycle has seen a vibrant makeover in content and methodology, drawing a surge of participants from the bustling business world. The result? A dynamic fusion of business savvy and social consciousness sparks a flurry of collaborative efforts and ignites a blaze of innovative initiatives by our program participants. Let’s dive into some of these bubbling projects still in their nascent Seed Stage:

  • Picture this: amidst a riveting visit to Jasser al-Zarqa, our participants engaged with the local Women’s Cleaning Cooperative. Inspired by their mission, a Fiverr employee leaped into action, offering to revamp the cooperative’s online presence with a snazzy website redesign. Meanwhile, another participant, hailing from the Legal Aid Department at the Ministry of Justice, checks the feasibility of pro bono legal aid from the Northern District. It’s a beautiful synergy of skills, bridging gaps and paving the way for a fairer, more inclusive society.


  • Over in the Jerusalem District, a visionary supervisor of state-religious education is championing the cause of social cohesion. He aims to rally administrative and supervision staff in the district, laying the groundwork for a learning program on social cohesion and diversity in a management forum. Together with Adi Gilboa, the mastermind behind Merchavim’s educational programs, they’re crafting a curriculum that celebrates diversity and fosters understanding.


  • Imagine the magic when the director of Fiverr’s philanthropic foundation teams up with the CEO of the “Hinnenni” association. “Hinnenni” association is the founder of Beta Israel village for preserving the rich heritage of Ethiopian Jews. Their brainchild? Together, they will bring Fiverr’s employees to make technological tools accessible to older adults and youth from the Ethiopian-Israeli community who come to the village, building cross-generation bridges.


  • Rawia Khandakli, the project manager for the fight against organized crime in Arab society, strives to pave the way for women from Arab society to rise to the helm of local municipalities. It’s a bold vision that empowers, uplifts, and breaks the glass ceiling one shattered stereotype at a time.


In the vibrant tapestry of the Social Cohesion Leadership program, these initiatives are but the first brushstrokes of a masterpiece in the making. Together, we’re not just dreaming of change; we’re painting it into existence.