Dima Ministein

“Over the past three years we had the opportunity to get to know a new musical and social world – the music track at the Beit Jan school. This is a high quality program with a professional team that became true friends from day one. The meetings with Beit Jan are always full of […]

Joanna Kis

“Our cooperation with the Tefen School in the framework of the “A Shared Life in the Arts” Program is very rich, successful and fun. We waited for these meetings, when we got to know the students at Tefen well – we studied together, sang, played instruments and mainly had a great time.”

Fadi Zinaldin

“Participating in the program “A Shared Life in the Arts” and the connection with the Tefen track was instrumental in helping us get the program off the ground. Through music the students were able to get to know students from different backgrounds, thanks to the workshops, visits and especially the joint performances and playing […]


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