Shmuel Abuav

“The education system removes stereotypes and works to bring a diverse teaching staff. I have no doubt that Israeli society will be in a better place, educationally, ethically and otherwise, the more we see teachers with disabilities in classrooms – as educators and role models. We at the Ministry of Education provide teachers in […]

Sagit Zaluf Namir

“The slogans of ‘accepting the other’ and ‘not giving up’ have gained a physical, real presence. I had the honor in getting to know my son’s teacher Eviatar, a person with a huge heart who sees the students first of all as people, and is able to see the world from their perspective: what interest […]

Shira Senesh

“The program creates a win-win situation for both sides: the employee gets an equal chance to prove himself and to make a living in the educational system, and the school gets a great added value, because a teacher with a disability can teach his or her students a lot more than the subject matter itself. […]


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