Noam Geva

The more diverse the team, the better our ability – both teachers and students – to achieve both academic success and and to social cohesion and resilience. The Arab teaching team has brought tremendous added value to our school.

Saja Veted

The program provides a supportive community for teachers. In addition to the professional guidance from the program managers, we have a Whatsapp group of teachers in the program from throughout Israel. We share ideas and consult with one another.”

Arab Teacher Integration

Diversity in the Teachers’ Room Integrating teachers from the Arab community in Jewish schools in Israel’s school system The program is a cooperation between Israel’s Ministry of Education, the Office for Social Equality and the Merchavim Institute – the Institute for the advancement of shared citizenship in Israel בקרו בפורטל התוכנית Background The Israeli school […]

Integration of teachers with disabilities

Diversity in the Teachers’ Room Teachers without borders program for the Integration for Teachers with Disabilities Background There is growing recognition throughout the world of the right of people with disabilities to full participate in the community. The government of Israel adopted the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in 2012, which […]

Integration of teachers with an Ethiopian background

Diversity in the teachers’ room Integration of teachers from the Ethiopian-Israeli community in schools Background Members of the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel often find it difficult to find teaching positions in Israel, despite their training in education. Of 175,000 teachers in Israel only 0.4% (about 700) are Ethiopian, despite making up 1.7% of the […]


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