Saja Veted

The program provides a supportive community for teachers. In addition to the professional guidance from the program managers, we have a Whatsapp group of teachers in the program from throughout Israel. We share ideas and consult with one another.”

Sundus Terabia

“I start every computer class with a puzzle that requires creative thinking. The students come to class and immediately sit down to solve the puzzle. The kids today are actually waiting for this class. I got lots of great feedback, but more important of all, I see the smiles on the faces of my students […]

Lina Ganayim

“Over the past couple of years I’ve received a lot of appreciation and respect in the school in which I teach, from parents, students, the teaching staff and management. I try in any way I can to help my students and to always be there for them, and to advance the study of the English […]

Amani Halayla

“When I think of how I succeeded in my school I think of my coach from Merchavim – Samach. My school is great, the principal is the best and we all help each other – I feel like the team has my back – but what really pushed me to integrate in the school was […]

Marva Halaila

“This is my second year teaching in a Jewish school. There have been a lot of heartwarming moments. The teaching team is amazing, we are always there for one another. I remember in Hannukah the department head invited me to her home for a holiday dinner. I went with my daughters, we sat together and […]


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