Ruvi Frank

“We will create a new generation here in which there is a combination of one with the other. You don’t have to agree, but understand each other, hear and be together.”

Fadi Dakidak

“There is a very strong sentence that Bat Ami said at a meeting in Beit Shemesh: The world is made up of three parts, thought, speech and action. When thought and speech meet, action happens. This understanding reinforces the idea at the base of The Incubator that brings together people who are different from each […]

Fadi Dakidak

“Thanks to encounters like this, and people like that, little by little we’re making a difference.”

Daniela Rapp

“We talked about a bridge – I can reach out, but to do something or change something, someone has to reach out to me from the other side and hold my hands that way. That’s when I really realized that this was something we had to do together, and during the meetings I found people […]


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