Diversity & Inclusion Training for Organizations

Diversity training for private companies, non-profits and government organizations


Diversity exists in every organization, community and group.

Research and experience from around the world show a direct connection between successfully managing the organization’s diversity, improving employees’ sense of belonging, increasing creativity and improved business performance.

In Israel’s highly diverse society, employing a diverse workforce without the right approach for integrating and including them in the organization, or providing service to diverse customers, can cause difficulties and make the diversity a burden rather than a value.

The Merchavim Institute holds workshops for managers and teams to improve management in diverse environments, increasing the sense of belonging of diverse employees, the creation of a safe environment, increased trust in the organization and guarantee of successful inclusion and integration over time. Additionally, the workshops help organizations conduct themselves better with diverse audiences.

Our advantages:

Main Activities:

Merchavim offers organizations a variety of activities that help in successfully managing diversity: mapping the current situation in the organization and raising awareness, changing perceptions, establishing work practices and building assessment tools.

The activity is tailored to the organization’s needs and includes lectures, workshops, activities, training and support.

Merchavim’s activities include:

  • · The potential in diversity
  • · Unrecognized biases (in providing service to diverse populations, in recruiting employees and more)
  • Social cohesion o the basis of the Shared Citizenship Moe.
  • Diversity panel.
  • Introduction to diversity
  • Dilemmas, challenges and tools in diversity management
  • Deep-dive workshops on creating equality.
  • Mapping the diversity in the organizations
  • Service with an eye on diversity
  • Implementing policy that advances equality
  • Supporting the building of an ethical code or service code for the organization
  • Supporting the organizations ethical team
  • “Train the Trainer” program
  • “What you see from here you don’t see from there” – excursion workshop in Jasar A-Zarka or Jaffa
  • Excursion group days on diversity topics

Main Activities:

Amongst our clients

We work various organizations including corporations, government organizations, educational institutions (schools, higher education etc.), municipalities and civic organizaitons.


You helped us put a spotlight on the dilemmas that need to be addressed, to formulate solutions together, and to learn how to derive benefits from diversity. 

Shlomit Meyers
VP of human resources, Golan Plastic

“The workshop allowed for a wide and open look at the topic of diversity and inclusion and not the recycling of buzzwords.”

Yael Ren
Human resources manager, Samsung Next

“Faculty felt comfortable expressing themselves on sensitive issues… A significant advantage is that Merchavim offers activities that relate to all groups of Israeli society.”

Michal Barak
Director of the center for multiculturalism and diversity, The Hebrew University.

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לורם איפסום דולור סיט אמט, קונסקטורר אדיפיסינג אלית לפרומי


לורם איפסום דולור סיט אמט, קונסקטורר אדיפיסינג אלית לפרומי

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The people that make it happen

Sharon White Galperin
Diversity Management in Organizations

Sharon makes her home in Katzir, Wadi Ara. She has a BA in Business Administration and East Asian Studies and a MBA, specializing in Marketing and Mediator. After a 20 year long career in marketing and business development in global companies Sharon decided to follow her dream and leverage her many years of social activism into a professional career creating social change. She has experience in community management and support, community-social processes, dialogue and civic action groups, and leadership programs on ecology, civic involvement and action. Sharon joined Merchavim in 2018

Contact Sharon at sharon@merchavim.net  054-9940444