Merchavim 2022-2023 School Year Report

This past year brought with it unique challenges, not only for us but for all citizens of Israeli society. Merchavim's work for the past 25 years has strengthened democratic values and increased social cohesion – the most acute present need.

To fulfill its mission, Merchavim acts in two complementary directions to achieve a long-term impact:

A.      Creating a sustainable and meaningful interaction among Israel's diverse communities via our teacher integration programs and, starting from 2023, via the Shared Paths program.

B.      Training people in influential positions to initiate and administer such acquaintances so that interactions in diverse environments will be

positive, constructive, and enriching for everyone in the community, whether it's a business organization, youth group, school, or any other place where there are people. This is achieved via our training programs: The Shared Society Incubator, the Social Cohesion Leadership Program, the Teacher Training program, Diversity and Inclusion Training for organizations, and the Fair Cities program.    

We invite you to read the report on Merchavim's activities, accomplishments and challenges.

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